IBM and Tech Mahindra Unveil Trustworthy AI with Watsonx

Leading global supplier of digital solutions and technology consultancy, Tech Mahindra (NSE: TECHM) today announced a ground-breaking partnership with IBM (NYSE: IBM) to responsibly and openly advance the deployment of generative AI (GenAI). By combining the strength of Tech Mahindra’s AI engineering and consulting experience with IBM’s WatsonX platform, this strategic partnership seeks to usher in a new era of reliable AI.

The Power of Integration

Together, Tech Mahindra’s AI knowledge and IBM’s Watsonx platform enable the development of trustworthy AI models while fostering openness and scalability. Companies can now take advantage of a range of new GenAI services, frameworks, and solution architectures by combining the strength of Tech Mahindra’s AI engineering and consulting expertise with the power of IBM Watsonx. Thanks to this connectivity, organizations can now use their reliable data to automate processes through the delivery of AI apps. It gives clients the framework to develop reliable AI models and promote explainability, reducing bias and risk. Additionally, this partnership encourages the scalable integration of AI in on-premises and hybrid cloud settings.

Co-Innovation Center

A virtual Watsonx Center of Excellence (CoE) has been built by Tech Mahindra and is currently up and running. With a specialist team committed to maximizing synergies between both enterprises, the CoE functions as a co-innovation hub. Based on their respective skills, they collaborate to create distinctive products and services. These cooperative solutions are designed to enable businesses to scale and accelerate the impact of GenAI while also assisting them in achieving their objectives of developing machine learning models utilizing open-source frameworks. In the end, this collaboration promotes company expansion for clients throughout the world and improves enterprise efficiency.

Responsible AI for the Future

IBM Ecosystem General Manager Kate Woolley stressed that when GenAI is developed based on explainability, openness, and trust, it can be a driver for innovation. It is anticipated that Watsonx’s partnership with Tech Mahindra will increase its market penetration and enable even more clients to develop reliable AI. This collaborative effort will assist use cases like customer service, digital labor, and code modernization. This collaboration is a big step toward transforming businesses with cutting-edge AI-led products and services as they look to adopt ethical AI practices.

The collaboration between IBM and Tech Mahindra marks the beginning of a new chapter in the responsible use of AI, one in which cutting-edge methods are combined with morality and openness. They hope to encourage innovation and open up new markets by teaming together. This makes sure that AI benefits businesses and society alike.

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